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QFG HUGOBIO is a kind of 100% water soluble soil conditioner type slow release fertilizer developed by Qingdao Future Group(QFG), mainly used by flood irrigation and drip irrigation, rich in active humic acid and fulvic acid, with special addition--- QFG unique natural nano polymers and active compound bacteria. The product itself contains high active humic acid, fulvic acid from leonardite, natural nanometer polymer and the bacteria ,it can break the soil compaction, treat saline alkali soil, hold water in soil and resist against drought ,it has remarkable effect on the acid soils .Compound bacteria contains trichoderma and varieties of active bacteria , can produce biological active substance to anti a variety of plant pathogenic fungi, bacteria and insects , improve the stress tolerance of crops ,improve soil microbial flora, promote plant growth and improve the product yield. QFG natural nano polymer with hydrophilic and soil affinity,  can be dissolved in water easily and quickly ,after that, nano polymer can quickly aggregate fertilizers and nutrients in the soil ,make the soil form soil crumb structure quickly, keep the nutrients in the soil release slowly ,improve soil conditions and increase fertilizer use efficiency. It is long-term effect, water and fertilizer saving, environmental protection and high efficiency.

Technical parameters

Appearance: deep brown granular

Total humic extract: 30% min

Active Fulvic acid: 6% min

Total N K: 20% min

Trace element: 2% min

Colorface Hugobio active compound bacteria (contains trichoderma): 2 million/g

Organic small molecule polymer carbon: 2% min

Colorface Hugobio natural nano mine polymers : 10% min


Kraft bags with PE liner, 20 kg net;

5 kg、10 kg foil/PE bag, packed (customized package)


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