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QFG GENEXPRESS 3310 is a Gene bio induced elicitor and activator (GBEA), It is patent product belonging to QINGDAO FUTURE GROUP. It is a safe ,green and high-tech product. It works by combining the QFG gene biological induced elicitor and QFG biological activator. To activate the gene express channel of crop; to activate the crop cells own various active substances and biological enzymes, so that the plant internal active substances and enzymes are more coordinated and more efficient to operate; significantly improve the crop immune functions; to activate and induce crop to grow more naturally and healthily ;to induce and activate crops resistance on bacteria, fungi, viruses, pests such more than 100 kinds; to improve the rejection of diseases and insect pests. The control effect on disease and pesticide is over 50%, for different crops, the yield quantity increase by 10% -100%. This product is without heavy metals and any hormone substances and suitable for any green ecological agriculture and organic farm.

Technical parameters

Type: Gene bio induced elicitor and activator  

Appearance: green liquid

Main content: (w/v)

Total amino acid >10%

Organic polymeric carbon > 5%

QFG gene bio induced elicitor > 2% 

QFG biological activator  > 3.3%


8mL bag, 

100 mL bottle, 1 liters bottle, 

5 liter and 20 liter square barrel


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