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HumiTime Supreme Star 700

[Supreme Potassium F-Humate]

HumiTime Supreme Star 700 is extracted from high grade leonardite, leonardite provides a very high content of humic and fulvic acids and natural biological active trace elements. With the most concentrated humate and highest activity, totally dissolvable in water, it can be easily absorbed by plant, lower the application cost. It is convenient for growers to apply with various methods.

Technical parameters

Appearance: Black powder & flake

Water solubility: Completely

Humic extract (dry basis): 80% min

Total small molecular humic acid (dry basis): 65% min

Water solubility saturation: 700g/L min

K2O: 10% min, good compatibility with others materials

Moisture: 12% max 

pH: 9.0-11.0



Kraft bags with PE liner, 20 kg net;

1 kg、5 kg、10 kg foil/PE bag, packed (customized package)


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