About us

  • Factory
    Our factory is equipped with advanced equipment, first-class technology. more +
  • Our Team
    our team are full of passionate vitality, extensive product knowledge. more +
  • Exhibition
    We actively participate in various Fair to show us like: CAC Shanghai Agricultural Exhibition more +
  • Qualifications
    Our products are with the German organic certificate --CERES. We do products inspection by CERES authority every year. more +

Our service

  • we manufacture customized fertilizers according your request. we manufacture customized fertilizer for the needs of your crops.
  • For the water-soluble fertilizer, we can provide 1KG, 5KG, 20KG, aluminum foil bags, paper bags, and cartons to meet the different needs of sales.
  • We have strict quality control system, from the selection of raw materials, producing, and packaging, There are QC department that are responsible for each step to ensure the quality.
  • Except selling products,we pay attention to after-sales service also.we will provide best plan and suggestions on application method ,dosage and so on according your local situation.

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Address: Rm1310,Phoenix Plaza, No.161 Changjiang West Road,E&T.D.Zone,
Qingdao,Shandong, P.R.China
PC: 266555
Tel: +86-0532-80985117
Fax: +86-0532-84461352

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