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When will the effect of using humic acid fertilizer be better?

2020/08/31 10:34:12

Do you know when humic acid is better for crops?

Humic acid can be used in the whole growth period of crops. It can promote root growth, improve crop resistance, increase yield, and improve quality. The effect of using humic acid fertilizer in the following period will be more obvious.

1) When crops lack nutrients

When crops suffer from nutrient deficiency, the physiology and metabolism of the plants have been greatly affected. At this time, spraying humic acid foliar fertilizer, using the physical and chemical properties of humic acid, activates metal cations such as iron, manganese, zinc, and copper. To increase the efficiency of chemical fertilizers and promote nutrient absorption, it can quickly relieve the symptoms of nutrient deficiency and restore normal development.

2) When soil pH is out of balance

Too high or low soil acidity is not conducive to crop growth. When the soil pH is less than 5.0 or greater than 9.0, the vitality of the crop roots will decrease, and the ability to absorb nutrients will be poor, which is likely to cause nutrient deficiency. At this time, spraying water-soluble fertilizers containing humic acid on the leaves can greatly alleviate the nutrient deficiency of the crop due to the weak absorption function of the root system, maintain the function of the body, and prevent premature plant aging.

3) When the soil is dry or waterlogged

When the soil is dry or waterlogged, the root system of the crop becomes weak and physiological obstacles occur, resulting in a decline in absorptive capacity. Spraying humic acid foliar fertilizer can inhibit transpiration, reduce water loss and improve drought resistance; it can promote root development, restore root vitality, and improve root absorption.

4) When soil salinization occurs

Under salt stress, the use of humic acid fertilizers can reduce sodium ions in crop leaves and reduce salt damage.

5) When plant diseases and insect pests occur

When pests and diseases occur in the roots or above ground of crops, due to the reduced absorption or transport capacity of the roots, combined with pesticide control, combined with spraying humic acid foliar fertilizer, it can not only improve the pesticide control effect, but also supplement the deficiency of nutrients, so that the crop can quickly recover Normal growth and development.

6) When crops suffer from freezing damage and dry hot wind

When crops encounter freezing damage, spraying humic acid foliar fertilizer can significantly enhance plant resistance and reduce freezing damage. When encountering dry and hot wind, the water loss of crops will be accelerated. Spraying humic acid foliar fertilizer can increase the concentration of crop cytoplasm, prevent water loss, and enhance the ability to resist dry and hot wind.

7) When the crop has physiological obstacles or weakness

When the crop grows excessively due to excessive nitrogen fertilizer, it is difficult to bloom and bear fruit, or when the flower and fruit drop occurs; when the plant load is too large, which affects normal growth and development; when the plant is weak and the root absorption capacity is significantly reduced in the late stage of the crop, spray humic leaves Surface fertilizer can quickly replenish nutrients and restore plant growth.

The use of humic acid should be combined with the regional environment and crop growth characteristics to determine the fertilization period.