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Humic acid is an organic substance that can form complexes with metal ions. In these complexes, humic acid plays a role in stabilizing metal ions, thereby prolonging the service life of metal ions. Humic acid has strong hydrophilicity and ion exchange capacity, and can form complexes with calcium and magnesium ions in water, reducing the hardness of water, thereby preventing the formation of scale. In addition, humic acid also has strong antioxidant properties, which can be used to prevent oxidative deterioration of oils, food and other substances, and maintain their quality and shelf life.

Humic acid is also used in environmental remediation, as it has the ability to bind to and neutralize toxic substances, such as heavy metals and organic pollutants. It can be used to treat contaminated soils and water, reducing the environmental impact of industrial activities. Humic acid is also used in the production of animal feed additives, as it can enhance the absorption of nutrients, such as amino acids and vitamins. In summary, the diverse properties of humic acid make it a valuable resource in various industrial applications, contributing to sustainable development and environmental protection.

Ceramic Application
Cement Application
Petroleum Application
Sewage Treatment
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