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Horticultural is divided into fruit horticultural, vegetable horticultural and ornamental horticultural. Horticulture is an integral part of planting in agriculture. Horticultural production is of great significance to enrich human nutrition and beautify and transform human living environment.Horticultural fertilizer is a general term for a series of fertilizers used for horticultural cultivation of plants. In the past, general fertilizers were used in gardening and potted plants. These fertilizers dissolve quickly after application, and the fertilizer effect is concentrated, but the loss is fast, and it is easy to cause fertilizer damage and soil compaction, and also form sponge-like insoluble residues in the soil.

QFG uses the advantages of organic fertilizers and biostimulants to develop fertilizers suitable for horticultural cultivation, such as gardening seaweed extract fertilizer and professional coated controlled release fertilizers, which can automatically adjust the amount of nutrients released according to plant needs, and the nutrients can be continuously released for up to 3 months. QFG fertilizer is used in horticultural planting without residues, without soil compaction, increasing aeration, water permeability and water retention, so it can accelerate the germination of seeds and promote plant growth.

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