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The application of biostimulants in animal husbandry is extended from agricultural applications. Polish physiologist Stanistaw has concluded through extensive research that biostimulant as a harmless feed additive has obvious effects on promoting growth, improving meat, egg, milk yield and quality, and can be used as an anti-inflammatory, immune Use of antibacterial drugs. Japanese biologists also believe that biostimulants can be used as plant hormones to directly enter the body to promote the activity of enzymes in cells and promote metabolism in New Town. The application practice in China for many years has also proved the above conclusion.

QFG leads the use of biostimulants in animal husbandry. Since QFG entered this field, QFG has achieved many achievements in the application of biostimulants in animal husbandry, animal species including sheep, cattle, pigs, chickens, ducks and so on.It can be used as an organic feed additive. It improves the animals' immuse systems, in such a way that a thin protective coating is formed on the animals' intestinal systems.It also can be applied as an organic alternative of antibiotics.

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