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SeaferTime Star 100 test on Grape

2020/09/27 10:15:05

Test product: SeaferTime Star 100

Test crop: grapes

Planting time or tree age: 2 years (fruit bearing in the first year)

Demonstration site: Jianshe Village, Mianning County, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan

Model households: 183****7622

Demonstration area: 0.2 mu in the demonstration area, 1.8 mu in the control area.

Before the experiment, the experimental group.

Before the experiment, the control group.

After the test, the experimental group

Before the experiment, the control group.

Overall effect.

Observe the color conversion effect of spraying SeaferTime Star 100 twice on September 19, 2020. From the photos, it can be seen that the overall color conversion effect of the demonstration area is significantly higher than that of the control area. From the very beginning, the color conversion is worse than that of the control area. It is better than the control area, and the coloring ratio reaches more than 60%.

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