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Biostimulant - Enzymolysis Fertilizer

OBIF HerbFert Star


OBIF HerbFert Star contains 2.5% matrine, matrine is a kind of natural plant pesticide. The mechanism is: once the insect touch matrine, it paralysis the nerve center, then causes the protein to solidify, plug the pores. So the insect is choked to deathMatrine is environmental protection type, and it belongs to no residual pesticides.




Organic Matter

600g/L Min


25g/L Min

Amino acids

50g/L Min

Fulvic acid

180g/L Min

Humic acid

300g/L Min


Matrine is a plant origin, natural, pollution-free pesticides,it belongs to a long-term green environmental protection organic pesticides.

Not easy to produce drug resistance: after the long-term the practice, it is proved that the pest has no drug resistance effect on the Matrine,and there is no interaction with other pesticides, low toxicity, no residue, no pollution.

With "a three effect" role. Matrine is not only excellent insecticidal and kill mites, but also has a certain inhibition or killing effect on fungi.

Broad-spectrum: matrine organic pesticide is a broad spectrum, especially for vegetables, tea, fruit trees and crops.


Quickly absorbed.

Rich in organic matter.

It can be used as both an insecticide and a fertilizer.


Foliar Application: Dilution rate water 1:1000-2000

* This recommendation may be varied according to the soil characteristics and local conditions.

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