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Innovative Fertilizer - Organic Granular Fertilizer

Cofer Star GWS100


Cofer Star GWS100 is a good combination of organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer, with a large number of elements (NPK), and also contains organic fertilizers such as amino acid, humic acid, and fulvic acid. Rich in trace elements, which provides more comprehensive nutrition for plants and is more suitable for modern agriculture.

Appearance Brown &Black Granular
Water Solubility100%
Organic Matter12% Min 
N15% Min
P2O51% Min 
5% Min
Fulvic Acid5% Min
Amino Acid2% Min
Bio Root Promoter0.2% Min 
Humic Acid3% Min
Trace Elements5% Min
Organic Polymer0.5% Min


Super and quick water solubility.

Increases the utilization of NPK provide essential amino acid and trace elements for plants.

Enhance the utilization of all kinds of nutrients, reduce the use of chemical fertilizers.

Improve soil structure, increases the beneficial microorganisms in soil, make soil more healthy.

Assit in pest defense, ehance the ability of anti inverse and anti disease and age.

Stimulates root growth, increase water and nutrients uptake.

Benefits flowers and fruits, improve quality and yield and then increases income.

Environmental friendly, protects and improves environment.


100% water soluble.

Can be used for foliar application.


Soil Application: 10-15 kg/ha.

Drip Irrigation and Flush irrigation: 10-15 kg/ha.

Foliar Application: Dilution rate with water 1:400-800.

* This recommendation may be varied according to the soil characteristics and local conditions.

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