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Innovative Fertilizer - Organic Granular Fertilizer

Star Humic Bacteria


Star Humic Bacteria is a kind of composite bio-bacterial manure. It increases the organic matters in soil and provides crops with NPK elements; Besides, it contains beneficial bacteria which help improving the microbiological activity in soil. At the same time, it is rich in humic acid, which can well regulate the soil and act as a soil conditioner.




Organic Matter

60% Min

Trace Elements

2% Min

Humic Acid

20% Min

Beneficial Bacteria

0.1 billion/g


Improves the soil micro-environment.

Stimulates root development.

Increases the absorbance of mineral element from soil.

Promotes crop growth.

Increases the adversity- resistance of crops.

Increases yield and improve quality.

Improves the soil structure.

Promotes root development.

Increases the utilization of mineral fertilizers in soil.

Loosen soil and improve soil.

Promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the soil.

Increase crop yield and quality.

Improves water retention, fertility and permeability of soil.


High organic matter.

Suitable for bottom fertilizer.

Can be mixed with other fertilizers.


Broadcast application on the earth surface, then deep tillage about 10-15 cm before seeding, 10-50 kg/ha.

* This recommendation may be varied according to the soil characteristics and local conditions.

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