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Biostimulant - Amino Acid

AmiStar® Max L20

AmiStar® Max L20

AmiStar® Max L20


AmiStar® Max L20 is an organic biostimulator containing 20% amino acids, peptides and several micronutrients. Through quick absorbance by leaves and transfer to the plant tissues, AmiStar® Max L20 Liquid amino acids act as natural biostimulants and organic chelate ligands for micronutrients.Plants can quickly replenish amino acid through foliage.




Water Solubility


Free Amino acid

20% Min

Trace elements

10% Min

Organic Nitrogen

3% Min


Chloride Free


Enhances plant resistance to stress,like drought resistance, cold resistance.

Wetting and adhesive adjuvant which enhances the efficacy of plant protection agents and fertilizers.

Solubles organic micronutrient chelator and nitrogen source for fertigation .

Decreases the incidence of certain plant diseases.

Preventing and quickly corrects the syndrome of nutrients deficiency especially micronutrients deficiency.

Promotes the plant photosynthesis.

Benefits in protein and sugar synthesis.

Stimulates and regulates the rapid growth of plants.

Increases crop yield and quality.

Increase crop yield and quality.

Improves water retention, fertility and permeability of soil.

Stimulates protein synthesis and improve crop production.


Soybean Source.

Rich Free Amino Acid and Trace elements.


Foliar Application: 1-2 L/1000 L water every 10-20 days during the season.

* This recommendation may be varied according to the soil characteristics and local conditions.

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