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BLOOMORE is a functional organic bio-stimulant product that is developed and uniquely produced by QFG. The product can be applied throughout the crop growth cycle and is suitable for organic and sustainable agricultural production. The product  mainly effects on the fruit's enlargement and coloring, improving crop quality and yield.




Water Solubility


Total free amino acid

260g/L Min

Vegetable extract

100g/L Min

Natural biostimulators

2000ppm Min


Healthy rooting, promote growth, strong seedlings and seedlings.

Protect flowers and fruits, promote fruit enlargement and increase seed setting rate.

Coordinate nutritional balance, drought and cold resistance, and enhance crop stress resistance .

Reduce disease, relieve pesticide injury.

Improve quality and increase production.

Improve the efficacy of pesticides.

Helps plants better resist against powdery mildew, downy mildew, sheath blight, rice blast and bacterial diseases.

Bloomore mainly stimulates antibodies by a large amount of chitinase activity and peroxidase activity, first in part of the plant, and then produces antibodies in the whole plant to thicken the plant tissue.Use it once before harvest to increase the brightness and storage period of the fruit.


Increases flower.

Promotes fruit bearing.


Foliar Spray: Diluted 1000-1200 times, every 10-15 days after fruit setting.

Drip Irrigation: Dilute 800-1000 times, 5-10L per Ha, 3-5 times per season.

Flush Irrigation: Dilute 500-800 times, 8-15L per Ha, 3-5 times per season.

* This recommendation may be varied according to the soil characteristics and local conditions.

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